My Mother bought me my first book about Yoga and how to practise it many many years ago. I read the book and did a few of the poses over the course of several years but never really got so very much back. When Yoga first truly found me, was as a part of my regular work outs before going to work in the mornings. The local gym had a Friday morning class and I attended regularly for several years, before deciding to step up and try two classes per week.


Everything shifted, and the benefit from going to more classes per week seemed to me to be far more advantageous than the benefit from one class per week. So I delved a little deeper and developed a home practise to sit alongside regular classes. Again the benefits always grew and grew, sometimes at a seemingly disproportionate rate. Yes, I did get more flexible, and Yes, I did get a little stronger, but there were more profound changes happening at a much deeper level. The world continued to rage around me, but it didn’t affect me so much. People still cut me up on the road, people still reacted with aggression to each other and situations they couldn’t control, but no longer did I have the need to be as reactive myself.


This region of calm equanimity has grown and solidified further over the years and took me to teaching my first class back in 2012. Got so much back from the students that I knew teaching had to become a part of my life somehow. So I read a few books, took an on line Teacher Training course and stood in for a few of my yoga teachers when they were unable to take classes which is a great privilege that I will be forever grateful for.


My belief in leading a Yogic life continued to grow to the point where at the start of 2018 I decided to leave my safe, well paid job of 12 years to pass on the gift of yoga to as many others as I could. Hopefully earning enough from doing so to keep a roof over my head and a little food in the larder.

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