Just like diet, there are so many books and so much information that it can be overwhelming to anyone trying to move to a healthier lifestyle by making improvements to their diet. However, there are some real simple basic ideas which  if followed and adjusted to suit you are all that you need to know.

The information is based on assuming that you are not training for the next Worlds Strongest Person titale, or hoping to break the world marathon record. Here we are taking about real people, looking to make some possibly minor, but potentially seriously beneficial changes to improve their life. 

Here's me at the start of the 2013 Valencia marathon. Now I'm not suggesting that you need to start running marathons to help fitness. Just moving a little more might be all the difference you need to make.

Low intensity activities like walking and gentle cycling or swimming have been shown to be helpful and can often be combined with a social element to give a positive double whammy.


Higher intensity work such as jogging, brisk walking and faster swimming raise heart rates more an increase workload on the lungs to give further aerobic advantages. 

Weight training needed be about becoming a body builder. After middle age the average person will lose around 3% of their muscle mass per year, and unless you take action this can lead to weakness and difficulty balancing in older age amongst.

H.I.I.T ~ High Intensity Interval Training

Currently very fashionable and also one of my favourites. Basic premise is that you work flat out for a short period. Say 30 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds. Repeat this with a number of different excercises for 15 - 20 minutes. The fat burning benefits are alleged to keep going for a long time after you finish and even if that isn't the case, you have a seriously demanding workout in a very short time period.

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